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Joko Widodo Is One of Some 25 Mayors Compete for the 2012 World Mayor Prize

The first round of the 2012 World Mayor Project closed on 17 May 2012. On 24 May, The City Mayors Foundation published the final long-list and on 18 June the shortlist for the 2012 World Mayor Prize. The shortlist of 25 final nominees includes five mayors from North America, four from Latin America, seven from Europe, five from Asia, two from Australasia and two from Africa. Voting for the winner of World Mayor 2012 and the two runner-ups is now taking place and will continue until mid-October. All shortlisted mayors will be asked to sign up to the City Mayors' Code of Ethics.

The 2012 World Mayor shortlist

North America

Régis Labeaume Québec City Canada
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Baltimore USA
John F Cook El Paso USA
R T Rybak Minneapolis USA
Cory Booker Newark USA
Latin America

Eduardo Paes Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Rabindranath Quinteros Lara Puerto Montt Chile
Alfonso Sánchez Garza Matamoros Mexico
Susana Villarán Lima Peru

Freddy Thielemans Brussels Belgium
Matteo Renzi Florence Italy
Ahmed Aboutaleb Rotterdam Netherlands
Fabian Stang Oslo Norway
Jacek Majchrowski Kraków Poland
Zoran Jankovic Ljubljana Slovenia
Iñaki Azkuna Bilbao Spain

Joko Widodo Surakarta Indonesia
Ron Huldai Tel Aviv Israel
Edgardo Pamintuan Angeles City Philippines
Park Wan-su Changwon City South Korea
Melih Gökçek Ankara Turkey

Lisa Scaffidi Perth Australia
Len Brown Auckland New Zealand

Mouhib Khatir Zeralda Algeria
Ayodele Adebowale Adewale Amuwo Odofin LG Nigeria


World Mayor 2012 Every vote counts

Voting is now taking place for the winner of the 2012 World Mayor Prize and the runner-ups. You are now invited to vote, from the list of finalists below, for the mayor you believe most worthy of the Prize and comment on his or her achievements but also, if you wish, on his or her shortcomings. Please describe, preferably in English, why the mayor you voted for deserves to win the World Mayor Prize.

Finalists from: North America | Latin America | Europe | Asia | Australasia | Africa |

The City Mayors board of fellows will choose the winner and two runner-ups based on the number of votes received and the strength and passion of supporting comments. The organisers believe that the persuasiveness of argument is as important as the number of votes. This ensures that a ‘good’ mayor from a smaller city can compete on equal terms with a mayor from a large metropolis. All 25 shortlisted mayors will be asked to agree to to the City Mayors' Code of Ethics.

Please ensure that your comments are legal, informed and fair. Multiple and manipulated votes as well as abusive comments will be deleted.

Ballot form for World Mayor 2012

All votes are counted manually and comments are read by editors
of World Mayor. Fraudulent and manipulated votes will not be counted.
Thank you for participating in the 2012 World Mayor Project.

North America
Vote for Mr Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Québec City, Canada
Vote for Ms Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, USA
Vote for Mr John F Cook, Mayor of El Paso, USA
Vote for Mr R T Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis, USA
Vote for Mr Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, USA

Latin America
Vote for Mr Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vote for Mr Rabindranath Quinteros Lara, Mayor of Puerto Montt, Chile
Vote for Mr Alfonso Sánchez Garza, Mayor of Matamoros, Mexico
Vote for Ms Susana Villarán, Mayor of Lima, Peru

Vote for Mr Freddy Thielemans, Mayor of Brussels, Belgium
Vote for Mr Matteo Renzi, Mayor of Florence, Italy
Vote for Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, Netherlands
Vote for Mr Fabian Stang, Mayor of Oslo, Norway
Vote for Mr Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Kraków, Poland
Vote for Mr Zoran Jankovic, Mayor of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Vote for Mr Iñaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao, Spain

Vote for Mr Joko Widodo, Mayor of Surakarta, Indonesia
Vote for Mr Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv, Israel
Vote for Mr Edgardo Pamintuan, Mayor of Angeles City, Philippines
Vote for Mr Park Wan-su, Mayor of Changwon City, South Korea
Vote for Mr Melih Gökçek, Mayor of Ankara, Turkey

Vote for Ms Lisa Scaffidi, Mayor of Perth, Australia
Vote for Mr Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland, New Zealand

Vote for Mr Mouhib Khatir, Mayor of Zeralda, Algeria
Vote for Mr Ayodele Adebowale Adewale, Mayor of Amuwo Odofin LG, Lagos, Nigeria


Please comment on your chosen mayor

Your details

Your name
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Your residence
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Your email address (optional)
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For your information: The World Mayor Project, organised by The City Mayors Foundation, has no connection with any city or organisation and is run on strictly non-commercial lines. Sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions, donations or any other kind of revenue are NOT sought and will be rejected, if offered.


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