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SE Asia mandates Indonesia to establish a fiqh committee

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SE Asia mandates Indonesia to establish a fiqh committee
Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadarma Ali explains after the closing of International Conference on Fatwa 2012 in Jakarta on Wednesday.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - International Conference on Fatwa 2012 allows Indonesia to establish Fiqh Committee of Southeast Asia. The committee is expected to offer solution when new contemporary problems emerge in a dynamic society.  

Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, said several organizations of fatwa (civil law based on Islamic law -Ed), namely Islamic Fiqh Council and Muslim World League, helped the establishment of the Fiqh Committee of Southeast Asia, which would be centered in Jakarta.

"Indonesia will fulfill the mandate for the better of all Muslims in the world," Minister Ali said during the closing of International Conference on Fatwa on Wednesday.

The hopeful committee is expected to generate high quality fatwa on contemporary problems of Muslim in Southeast Asia. The committee will also became an institution to exchange experiences, methodology of fatwa, and fatwa products among country members.
Ministry for Religious Affairs and Muslim World League will form an expert team to study the current condition of fatwa and problems of fatwa organization in Southeast Asia. 

The Chairman of Fatwa Committee in Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI), Anwar Ibrahim, welcomed the forming of the committee. "We need international fatwa on the current problems, especially related to food, beverage and drugs." he said then added that the commite also could set the juristic ruling on Islamic banking problems.


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